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Life is like a camera...

...focus on the important, capture good times, develop from negatives...if not, take another shot

~ Toni ~
The basics:
*Wife to Jeremey since 9.6.03*
*Mama to Kyndle Gale since 8.12.05*
*Mama to Walker Ashby since 4.27.12*

I am an assistant controller at a brick company, which is the most flexible, work/life friendly job I've ever had. The money isn't bad either. I have two very busy kids who are involved in many activities. My daughter is in middle school in the CBG {gifted} program. She dances throughout the school year {ballet and lyrical} and plays soccer {both outdoor and indoor} and volleyball at our local YMCA. She has hopes of making the school soccer team in the spring. She's the smartest, sassiest, funniest, friendliest ballerina I know. She's friends with everyone. My son is in preschool and plays t-ball and takes swim lessons at the local YMCA. He is also involved in Team Kid at the church his preschool is in. He is the silliest and sweetest boy and tells me all the time that I am his best friend. I am also a Beachbody coach, though I don't really advertise it that much. I mainly do it for the discount on products, but if I can help someone get healthy, then I'm all for it. I love working out and do it every morning! I am up by 5:15 getting ready to work out. I've tried several programs and love them all and have had fantastic results.