An unfortunate friends cut

I'm keeping this public for now so the two involved will know...

But, I had to cut two of you girls for the same reasons as a few others had to cut you. I'm sorry - I just can't take chances either right now. I understand that you may not fully know what is going on, but after hearing any piece of it, you should understand what a big deal this is to me & the others that are involved. I cannot take the risk of getting Kyndle or Jeremey involved in stupid ass internet drama. So, it is either cut them & anyone involved with them in any way out of my internet life, or risk the chance of anything I say getting back to them & something being used against me. I'm not one for drama; I've stayed away from this drama & kept my mouth shut because I'm terrified of becoming a target. But, I just cannot take any risks. So, I'm really upsets me to do this, but this is what I need to do for the sake of my family.

And there are some of you who have NO idea what is going on because you were not involved in the forum...I understand that. Be glad that you know nothing about it. I'm not going to elaborate with what has been going on either.

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